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Jets WWP, MWP Teams Well Represented on 2017 All-PCAC Teams

Jets WWP, MWP Teams Well Represented on 2017 All-PCAC Teams

The Miramar College women's and men's water polo teams earned multiple honorees on the All-Pacific Coast Athletic Conference water polo teams, as announced today:


Coach of the Year:  Jackie Puccino, SD Mesa                       

Player of the Year:  Sophia Espinosa, Fr, SD Mesa                             

FIRST TEAM                        Yr            College

Meredith Muecke              So           Miramar

Maria Castaneda               So           Miramar

Sophia Espinosa                  Fr            Mesa

Lauren Mattews                   So           Mesa

Shyla Toledo                        Fr            Mesa

Carly Lupien                        Fr            Mesa

Sydney Thomas                   So           Palomar

Jordann Heimback                So           Palomar

Makenzie Montgomery          Fr            Palomar

Jasmine Miller                      Fr            Grossmont

Madison Stockton                 So           Grossmont

SECOND TEAM                     Yr            College

Jenelle Nelson                    So           Miramar

Antoinette Gonzalez          So           Miramar

Andy Mill                             So           Mesa

Midnite Rhodes                    So           Mesa

Jazmin Handorf                    So           Palomar

Skylar Buckland                   Fr            Palomar

Cami Raley                          Fr            Grossmont

Alex Huttman                      So           Grossmont

Honorable Mention:

Kayla Soria                         So           Grossmont

Reny Carr                           Fr            Grossmont

Carley Woods                      So           Palomar



Co-Coach of the Year:  Kody Moffat, Palomar, Troy Merkel, Miramar     

Co-Player of the Year:    Dylan Van Horn, So, Palomar, Ryan Blevitt, Fr, Grossmont

FIRST TEAM                         Yr            College

Samuel Suminski               Fr            Miramar

Jacob Moreland                  Fr            Miramar

Tommy Preston                    Fr            Palomar

Dylan Van Horn                    So           Palomar

Josh Benitez                        So           Palomar

Ryan Rhoads                        So           Palomar

Ryan Blevitt                         Fr            Grossmont

Cole Puffett                         Fr            Grossmont

Travis Rosenkoetter              Fr            Grossmont

Henry Smith                        So            Mesa

Max Perlin                           So            Mesa

Diego Gomez-Ceballos         So            SWC

SECOND TEAM                    Yr             College

Santiago Salcedo              Fr            Miramar

Cameron Tran                   So           Miramar

Toby Fast                            So           Palomar

Jordan Rushworth                Fr            Palomar

Caleb Wooldridge                 Fr            Grossmont

Isaiah Webster                     Fr            Grossmont

Ke'ea Lum                           So           Mesa

Emanuel Monlina                  Fr            Mesa

Bryan Murillo                       So           SWC

Alexander Uribe                   Fr            SWC

Honorable Mention:

Ethan Barker                       So           Mesa

Consistent with the mission of San Diego Miramar College, Miramar Jets Intercollegiate Athletics will strive for academic and athletic excellence by offering model programs that fit the needs, interests, and abilities of our male and female student-athletes. In this context, excellence is focused on the physical, emotional, and intellectual well being to develop meaningful standards of character, respect, responsibility, integrity, leadership, and sportsmanship within the educational and social environment, through highly qualified educators, coaches, and state-of-the-art facilities.