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Men's Basketball


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Inaugural Season 2006-2007

Back Row L-R: Head Coach Nick Gehler, Asst. Coach Nick Booker; D'Angela Whitehead; Marcus Wilson; Jcaob Norman; Damonte Bray; Mitch Fortenberry; Ray Purtle; Danny Warnemuende; Nick Cardona; Wynton Johnson; Asst. Coach John Egidio.

Front Row: Kyles Hawkins; Anthony Bradley; Matt Sanders; Darren Brown; Jake Brown; Jabari Lemons; Jay Scheinok


Back Row L-R: Joel Lewis; D'Angelo Whitehead; Eddie Johnson; Pat Eveland; Nick Cardona; Danny Warnemeunde; Josh Hall.

Middle Row: Ian Larsson; Chase Fraser; Donte Moss; Le'Sean Galbreath.

Front Row: Justin Padilla; Jay Scheinok; John Register; Anthony Bradley.


L-R: Asst. Coach John Egidio; Nate Easterman; Erik Hartvigson; Tyler Fricke; Ian Larsson, Sean Allen; Courtney Wrather; Bryant Taylor; Chase Fraser; Steve Jones; Roger Jones; Pat Eveland; Kevin Ethridge; Head Coach Nick Gehler.


Front Row L-R: Tyler Ericke; Carl Hauke; Jerrel Agnew; Bryant Taylor; James Kemp; Simeon Taylor, Steve Jones.

Back Row: Head Coach Nick Gehler; Asst. Coach Kwaku Amoaku; Cody; Matt Meyers; Sean Hiakley; Eric Hartvigson; Asst Coach John Egidio, Brian Hershman.


Front Row L-R: James Kemp; Jerrel Agnew; Frances Ortega; Affman; Simeon Taylor; David Porter.

Back Row: Sean Orlando; Roger Jones; Peter Wershing; Breen Weeks; Carl Hauke. 


Front Row L-R: Weston Ehlers; Greg Hammick; Juston Hebner; Frances Ortega; Santiago Simentel.

Back Row: Brian Hershman; Asst. Coach John Egidio; Justin Hentlef; Brandon; Peter Wershing; Jorey Scott; Alberto Ganis; Asst. Pat Eveland; Head Coach Nick Gehler.


Front Row L-R: Shane McPherson; Bryce Rittmerr; Jehiah Gennaro; Le'Sean Galbreath; Santiago Simentel; Greg Hammick; Paul Gorial.

Back Row: Brian McWilliams; Mike Jones; Jorey Scott; Sheldon Black; Alberto Ganis.


Front Row L-R: Oliver Nazon; ATC Tosh Tepraseuth; Asst. Coach Kwako Amoaku; Head Coach Nick Gehler; Asst. Coach Steve Jones; Jeremiah Dawes.

Back Row: Marcus McMorris; Jehiah Genarro; Jelani Carr; Remy Lawyer; Drew Peterson; Shane McPherson; Cole Brewer; Pail Gorras; Henry Carr; Justin Hebner; Namir Gorial.


Front Row L-R: Khor Tut; Daniel Herbert; Drew Peterson; Marcus McMorris; Jelani Carr; Brice Robell; Dor Tut.

Back Row: Asst. Coach Kwaku Amoaku; Asst. Coach Tyler Walsh; Tyrekk Jones; Micheal Jones-Mensah; Nnamdi Akpuri; ATC Tosh Tepraseuth, Head Coach Nick Gehler.


L-R: Asst. Coach Tyler Walsh; Asst. Coach Kwaku Amoaku; Stefaon Zivkovic; Joaquin Robelo; Josh Brown; Christian Johnson; DJ Brown; Marc Williams; Braxton Latt; Bryce Robbel; Johnny Peterson; Nikola Zivkovic; Head Coach Nick Gehler; ATC Tosh Tepraseuth.


Back Row L-R: Heach Coach Nick Gehler; Asst. Coach Kwaku Amoaku; Colton McLean; Nickola Zivkovic; Tim Strijaous; Vernon Holden; Dor Tut; Stefan Zivkovic, ATC Tosh Tepraseuth; Asst. Coach Steve Jones; Asst. Coach Tyler Walsh.

Front Row: Tarik Vahle; Marc Williams; Javan Perry; Takoda Browne; Chris Jones; Tyrell Jones; Dallas Haupt.


Front Row L-R: Chris Jones; Takoda Browne; Asst. Coach Kwaku Amoaku; ATC Tosh Tepraseuth; Head Coach Nick Gehler; Asst. Coach Steve Jones; Dallas Haupe; Caleb Giordano.

Back Row: Carsten Denherder; Ryan Michaels; Vernon Holden; Samuel Adiel; Blake Seits; Deion Alston; Wyatt Babiak.

Consistent with the mission of San Diego Miramar College, Miramar Jets Intercollegiate Athletics will strive for academic and athletic excellence by offering model programs that fit the needs, interests, and abilities of our male and female student-athletes. In this context, excellence is focused on the physical, emotional, and intellectual well being to develop meaningful standards of character, respect, responsibility, integrity, leadership, and sportsmanship within the educational and social environment, through highly qualified educators, coaches, and state-of-the-art facilities.