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Men's Volleyball

The Miramar MVB Advantage
Oct 10, 2014

Considering Miramar College to continue your volleyball and academic career? Miramar MVB players take advantage of the following:

+ Strong coaching staff - Miramar's coaching staff possesses nearly 60 years in the sport, including multiple championship experiences.

+ Year-round program - Miramar's MVB program is a full academic-year program. In the Fall semester off-season, we have a coordinated weight training and practice gym program, four days a week, to prepare our players for the Spring semester season. In the summer, we offer a volleyball class, which provides indoor court time to go along with our prescribed beach volleyball and weight training work.

+ Full-time coach - Coach Landicho is one of only four head coaches in California's 17 community college MVB programs, and the only one in San Diego County, who is on-campus in a full-time capacity. This gives Miramar MVB players significantly enhanced opportunities to seek assistance & guidance from a fully on-campus coach, while letting Coach Landicho direct significant time & effort to the Jets MVB program. In addition, associate head coach Mark Smith is also on campus in a part-time adjunct professor's role, further increasing Jets MVB players' access to the coaching staff.

+ The latest techniques and strategies in the sport - Coach Landicho's continuing relationship with USA Volleyball and NCAA contacts ensure Miramar's players receive training that includes the latest advances in the sport from the USA National Team and NCAA Division I programs.

+ Technology - the Miramar MVB program utilizes VolleyMetrics video editing and statistical analytics programs. Used by the USA National Teams and all MPSF men's volleyball programs, VolleyMetrics will afford Jets MVB players and coaches unparalleled match analysis and video editing capabilities. New for 2017-18, a new A/V cart will enable video delay recording, providing Jets MVB players with important visual feedback during practice while a connected computer will allow for comparison with USA National Team and NCAA examples.

+ Academic support - as a former admissions counselor at a four-year university, Coach Landicho is well-equipped to provide academic counseling which supplements Miramar's outstanding Counseling office. Three counselors in Miramar's Counseling office specialize in assisting the college's student-athletes. In addition, Coach Landicho is well-versed in NCAA and NAIA transfer requirements, helping the program's players prepare for transfer to the next level.

+ Saving money - going to Miramar offers tremendous savings, compared to a four-year institution. Based on a 12-unit full-time student load with fees, California residents pay $1,167.00 for a two-semester academic year at Miramar, compared to the California State University (CSU) average of $6,815.00 for the same academic load. Out-of-state students pay at a higher rate ($193.00 per unit), but even with the increased fees a two-semester year at Miramar is $4,695.00, compared to the CSU average of $10,295.00 for non-California students. In both cases, Federal and CA state financial aid can significantly lessen the cost.

+ New facilities for students - since 2009, Miramar College has opened nine new state-of-the-art facilities to benefit its students, including a new Fieldhouse and Athletics complex, Student Services Center, Library Learning Resource Center, and Student Resource & Welcome Center. A new free weight-based weight room will open in the Fall of 2016, to supplement Miramar's current state-of-the-art Fitness Center.

+ EXSC 239A/B Theories & Strategies classes - in these classroom-based courses, Miramar MVB players receive additional off-court training, including volleyball strategy, vision training, video review, and personal development & leadership training. Time is also allotted in this class for studies, which counts towards the Jets' three-hour per week study hall requirement. For 2017-18, EXSC 239 A/B will take place in the athletic department's new Academic Support Center, a room equipped with a computer for each student-athlete.. A two-unit course, the Theories & Strategies-Volleyball courses are transferrable to four-year institutions and thus counts towards the player's nine academic unit (12 unit overall) eligibility requirement during the playing season. This enables Miramar MVB players to take a lesser load of their core academic classes during the season.

+ Outstanding school - Miramar College offers over 120 certificates, associate degrees, and comprehensive transfer programs to students transferring to University of California campuses, California State Universities and other public & private universities. Each semester, around 13,000 students of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds attend Miramar College classes. Partnerships with local industry and the City and County of San Diego prepare students for high demand and well-paying careers in the highly competitive labor market, including biotechnology, paralegal (ABA approved), aviation (FAA-certified), automotive, diesel, and alternative fuels technologies. Miramar College is home to the Southern California Biotechnology Center, the Advanced Transportation and Energy Center, and the San Diego Regional Public Safety Institute. Since 1969, the college has provided training for nearly all law enforcement officers and firefighters within San Diego County. The Institute also trains EMTs and offers the only open water lifeguard degree in the world.

+ First-class apparel - Miramar MVB players are fully outfitted with full practice gear, and classy game day uniforms, backpacks, and warmups. We proudly feature gear from ASICS.

+ Athlete-only team locker room, and daily laundry for practice gear, provided by Miramar Athletics support staff.

+ Meal money for away matches, and simple training table (pre-match food) for home matches.

Have we got your attention? Come join us!

Consistent with the mission of San Diego Miramar College, Miramar Jets Intercollegiate Athletics will strive for academic and athletic excellence by offering model programs that fit the needs, interests, and abilities of our male and female student-athletes. In this context, excellence is focused on the physical, emotional, and intellectual well being to develop meaningful standards of character, respect, responsibility, integrity, leadership, and sportsmanship within the educational and social environment, through highly qualified educators, coaches, and state-of-the-art facilities.